Growpro – Hair supplement by Intrinsicurly Me| Product Launches

intrinsicurly me range

Hey Squad! The use of a hair supplement has recently become a buzz topic in the hair communities as there have been multiple questions about the use of hair supplements to help your hair grow.

Intrinsicurly Me being the only salon professional brand for curly hair in SA has recently spoken to that need and brought out their very own hair supplement called GrowPro, why should we go for it?

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Empties Squad|Edition 2

Hey Squad.Hope you guys are keeping well!Welcome to my second edition of empties squad. These posts are where I chat about products that have hit pan and say whether I will repurchase it or not in the future.

product empties

Hand and Nail Product Empties:

I have been very much into nails lately and have been using so much hand and nail products as evidenced here lol.

Maskscara products:

Here we have nail prep products ;

Cleanser(R75) -used to clean oils and dust from your nails after you have filed your nails,you can also use it too wipe the tacky layer from your polygel once cured or if you are using a wipe top coat.

Pr0-10 bond(R120) – used t ohelp the product bond to the natural nail to prevent lifting

Dehydr-8(R120) –  this product is used to dehydrate the natural nail to allow for a nice clean surface to paint on.

These products have been a game changer for me when doing nails. It helps the product too last longer on my nails because it enables me too do proper prep when applying the gel polish to my nails. These are products I will definitively repurchase all the time and  have already repurchased.

African Secret Hand Sanitiser and cuticle oil:

This is no doubt the best hand sanitiser(R50) that I have used. I will be repurchasing, check out my review of this product here. The cuticle oil(R65) is also the best i have used thus far, it comes in a cute roller applicator so it is very hygienic as well

Hand Lotions: 

The pink cosmetics hand lotion was very nice,I got the smaller one in the pink Cosmetics influencer box,but if you purchase it,it will be the 200ml bottle(R145).

Lentheric hand lotion(R50) – the smell is absolutely amazing,when applied the tropical smell follows you all around.

Bionike Proxera(R99) is great for those times when you have extreme dryness and really just need to get that extra hydration to your skin.


Mineraline Vitaserum(R295): This is a very good vitamin C serum ,if you are just starting to introduce serums into your skin care routine.

My Abby Range body oil(R299) – awesome body oil, i specifically like to use it after I have shaved and lotioned to lock in all the moisture

Cosrx snail mucin(R375): You know I love my K-Beauty products, and this product absolutely didn’t dissapoint. I used to use it as a night time serum- I will recommend this for purchase as it does a great job.

skin empties

Have you used any of these products before,share your thoughts with us. If you would like to your thoughts to be shared in our next post ,submit your pic and review to us -via email,facebook messenger or instagram dm and we will feature it for you.

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Cerave Brand Review


Hi Guys. Last year August one of our group members headed to Vegas(thanks Jolene)and generously offered to buy me some skincare.I will be forever grateful to her walking in the middle of the night to Walgreens to get my fix of the Cerave range.?

What attracted me to Cerave was the hyaluronic acid and ceramides in their products.  There products are fragrance free and affordable. I think I paid just under R1000 for these 4 products and the bottles are huge!


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DIY Protein Treatment – Part 2 Rice Water

DIY Protein Mask After

Welcome back squad!I finally had the motivation to post another blogpost,this is part 2 of my rice water treatment /DIY Protein Treatment tests.

Lockdown has zapped all my motivation but today I have a burst of inspiration and looking to put it to good use :)I

If you read my previous post, you will know I was extremely happy with the results. In that test I used the rice water before my wash routine. Now I will take you through my process for this second test. I roped Zoë in as well just so that you can see the results on 2 different hair types as well.

Instructions on how I make my rice water is also in the previous post linked above. Please note my rice water contains some salt which is fine as it helps with volume but too much salt can be drying,fortunately I only do the rice water treatment once per month.

Rice Water Treatment

Lockdown has had both Zoë and myself in a hair funk so let me show you what it looked like before.



This time I shampoo’d using my Intrinsicurly me gentle cleanser and then saturated our hair in the rice water and immediately applied the Shea Moisture Manuka Honey and Mafura Oil Deep conditioning treatment to our hair, we then covered it with cling wrap and wrapped in towels for 20 mins.




I have seen some growth again, its not as much as the last time but more than the normal 1cm per month. My hair is so shiny and defined after I do my protein treatment and I got the same results again this time. My hair was not as crunchy after as previously.

DIY Protein mask
APRIL 2020

I prefer the outcome of the previous routine much more than the way it came out this time, but my hair is looking so good since I have introduced the protein masks into my routine.

MARCH 2020


I have 2 more tests to do before I can give my final thoughts on the rice water, but I am absolutely loving it. Have you tried the DIY Protein Treatment yet?

DIY Protein Mask After DIY Protein Mask after


Intrinsicurly Me is currently having a 12% discount on their products,so if you would like to purchase any products from them you can click here


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