I had a lash lift and I love it!

Last week I was invited to Precious Beauty Salon for a complimentary lash lift service. I had previously had lash extensions and realised that I am just way to rough on my eyes to be able to sustain them, thus the lash lift. Although I technically knew what a lash lift was, when the tech wanted to know what curl I wanted, I realised I didn’t know enough.

Lash lift vs Lash extensions
Pic from www.sugarlashpro.com/


A lash lift is a treatment done on your natural lashes using safe, cream-based solutions that leave them perfectly curled.

With life moving by at such an incredibly fast pace, majority of us are looking for treatments that will cut our time applying make up down even if it is just by a smidge. Lash extensions is something that has been quite a trend for the longest time until sometime last year when the buzz was all about lash lifts. So when I was offered this service I jumped at it, so I could see the difference.

Before I share my thoughts let me show you what my lashes looked like before

The first question I was asked was which curl I want and I said the glammest one hahaha


– First your lash tech will cleanse your lashes
– Choose suitable silicon pad to match lash length(this step requires her to ask the above question).
– Glue lashes and brush lashes up in the desired shape/style.
– Once complete, use perming solution(this smells almost like a hair straightener product)
– Remove perming solution.
– Apply neutralizer
– Remove neutralizer
– For those that require  a darker lash look, this step will be where the tint gets applied
– Remove silicon pads with two wet cotton pads

And boom, lashes on fleek. #wakeupinyourmakeup

Lashlift after

Straight after the service I wasn’t sure how I felt because it was that instant bam in your face effect that you get lash extensions however as I started getting used to it and getting multiple compliments(even one from an other lash tech). I started really loving it. I wake up in the morning now and already look half put together.

This service for anyone who feels lash extensions are too high maintenance or those that love the no make up , make up look.

Until Next Time

Peace and Love


September Squad Box SA

September Squad Box

Hi Squad!  Today, we are unpacking our featured products from our September Squad Box SA! You can find more info on how Squad Box works and how to purchase yours here.  The September theme was oral hygiene so we featured quite a bit of Oral hygiene products 🙂

September Squad Box

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Nail Salon Etiquette: 10 things your nail tech wants you to know

Nial Salon: Nail Art Boss

Hey Squad!Many of us love being pampered a treated lekker and a trip to the nail salon is one of those luxuries.However their are a few things that can turn a awesome nail pampering session into an unpleasant experience. We reached out to some nail techs to share with us the top things they want you to know.

nail Salon
Done By Our very own Shamiela Dout

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Unboxing March Squad Box

March Squad Box Full

Hey Squad! By now everyone should have received their March Squad Box. We have had setbacks on delivery of 1/2 boxes, and would just like to once again apologise for the delay.

Before we get to the box I would just like to thank everyone for your amazing support, you really make all our hard work and effort worth it

March Squad Box Full
                                           This was our complete March Squad Box valued at R1144

How to ensure you get your Squad Box on time

When making payment,please ensure that;

  • You forward us your proof of payment so we can keep an eye out for your payment
  • Make sure that you use your order number as reference so we can allocate the payment accordingly
  • Order between 01-21 of each month and be part of our first despatch which is between 25-27 of each month. Any payments between 22 -31 of the month will be despatched on the 10-12 of the following month
  • If you haven’t received a confirmation within 2-3 days of payment, please email us to check with us.

We received amazing feedback as well as constructive criticism regarding our March Squad Box and we are happy to say that we have taken them int consideration and will be implementing them slowly. We love feedback and suggestions, if you have any that will help us make the box even better please let us know, even what brands you would be keen on seeing in our future boxes.

Now to the good part: Unboxing the Box

Our spotlight product this month was the KIKI cosmetics Volcanic Gold Exfoliator 175ml – R600 

KiKi’s Volcanic Gold Body Exfoliator is one of our signature products. It cleanses, exfoliates and moisturizers to provide all-in-one rejuvenation action. It exudes luxury as it is flecked with golden pieces and filled with prime ingredients to delicately remove dead skin cells and to deeply nourish and moisturise the skin.

We will also be doing a first impressions video on our Youtube about this product soon.(Don’t forget to subscribe)

“I use this product religiously – Chermel from Chermel’s World” Check out her unboxing video here

March Squad Box Exfoliator


Dermactin Eye Renewal Cream – R335

This was the variation product of our March Squad Box, so some might have received a different eye product.

This product has a unique anti-aging formula just for the eyes.It is formulated to help fight the look of crows feet, fine wrinkles, under eye puffiness and dark areas.

March Squad Box Variation Product


Swiss Bliss Perfume – R200

Swiss Bliss Scents is a generic equivalent, oil based range of fragrances for ladies and gents. All oils imported from Switzerland and France, blended and bottled in SA and guaranteed to last 18-24 hours.

March Box Perfume

“I’ve never used Luna by Nina Ricci before, but it’s got a fresh, clean, floral scent which I absolutely love! This was definitely my favourite part of the Squad Box! – Liezl Mitton- Thoughts of a Multipotentialite” Check out her review on our box here

Catrice Brow Definer – R69

This innovative eyebrow pen with a unique liquid formula provides natural colour results for perfectly defined brows. 


March Squad Box Catrice Brow Definer“We partied the night away and my brows stayed put throughout-Coco”

My Abby Range Hair Oil  Sample- R20

This lightweight oil provides shine without weighing the hair down. Moisturisers and and nourishes the hair


What was your favourite item/ items in our March Squad Box, let us know in the comments below 🙂

Only 2 more days to get to get your order in for our first batch of deliveries. Use our code #MothersDay to get 10% off your purchase.


For more information on #SquadBox and how it works and it’s loyalty points programme click here


Until Next Time 

Peace and Love