Winter beauty products to add to your routine : keep your glow on this winter

With winter settling in, and no matter how many pairs of socks we put on our toes still being cold. It got me thinking about the effect this may have on our hair and skin. Between winter winds wreaking havoc on your skin and the cold air having less moisture than warm air, it’s just a whole mess sis. When the elements have less humidity, your hair and skin lose moisture. when you are inside you are faced with heaters and fires that have a drying effect and all these factors combined, end up making your hair dry and damaged. I decided to do a post about what winter beauty products you can incorporate into your winter routine to help keep you in the glow 🙂


Facewash: I switched over to a moisturising cleanser – Cerave Hydrating Cleanser, which cleanses and hydrates without stripping the skin’s protective barrier and contains 3 essential ceramides and hyaluronic acid.

Cerave Hydrating Cleanser

Deep conditioner: Deep Conditioning is very important any time of the year but especially so in winter, for those with finer hair you can do it less often and if you have thicker hair once per week is a good practice.

Two that I could recommend are the Intrinsicurly Me One and Only Conditioner (currently have a sitewide sale for 15% off and if you click on the link you will receive an additional 10% off too) and the Mielle Babussa and Mint Deep Conditioner(protein and moisture), if you need a quick moisture boost but just don’t have the time for a deep conditioning treatment you can also opt for the Mielle Pomegranate and honey leave-in conditioner.

MIelle Babassu and Mint Deep Conditioner

Intrinsicurly Me Conditioner










Oils: Oils can be very beneficial for both hair and skin – Avocado OIl, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, and Vitamin E Oil are some of my favourites.

Avocado Oil is one of the very few vegetable oils that actually have anti-aging properties as it is a great source of vitamin A(the same thing you find in retinol – retinol is pure vitamin A), thanks to this it delays the aging of the skin, it also helps repair and restore skin firmness and very useful in winter in case chapping or irritation due to the cold occurs. It also acts as a protective barrier for your skin from the cold dry air/wind. best applied at night in conjunction with your regular face cream so that it can go to work throughout the night. It can also be used on its own after makeup removal for its anti-oxidant properties. It is also a great detangling or styling oil as it helps detangle the knots and makes styling easier.

Side Note: I started using this last night and it has left my skin so soft and looking clearer just from one use.

Afripure Avocado Oil

Jamaican Black Castor Oil or as I affectionately call it J-B-Co is great for stimulating hair growth. The skin may become more sensitive in the wintertime and would be more itchy, sore, or prone to breakouts, JBCO is known to be beneficial in these instances and may act as a shield from the sun/cold. It also soothes skin and prevents cracks or dryness. Adding JBCO to your current conditioner or mask can also be an awesome protein treatment when you need it.

Vit E oil prevents dryness by retaining the skin’s natural moisture to prevent any water loss

Disclaimer: I don’t use raw oils on my hair but if you do more power to you 🙂

Lipsticks: A nice moisturising lipstick is a key to preventing chapped/dry lips. Nice colours to wear in the winter are, nudes, deep reds, and dark browns.

Nails: The colours for your nails this winter are, reds, mossy greens, and mustard

Eyeshadow: Gorgeous colours to wear on your eyes in winter are creams, navy, purple/mauves grey, and pink.

What are your favourite winter beauty products to add to your routine?

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