Mascara Review – Pierre Rene SA Super Curly

If you know me, you would know that I have a thing for mascara’s, before covid I always kept my eye out for new mascaras, but since I don’t wear makeup as often anymore, I haven’t been checking for it as much as I was. On a mission to use the current ones I have till completion hehehe,I have been exclusively wearing mascara to give me a some what made up look when I need it because the rets of the face is covered with a mask.

SO of course when Gael from Glamore Cosmetics told me she had some of the Pierre Rene Super Curly (R185) mascara for our  #SquadBoxSA you best believe I was super excited to try and review it for you guys.

Pierre Rene Mascara

The mascara boasts a new-generation specially profiled brush to ensure easy and precise application and effective eyelash curling.An innovative formula with nylon maximally thickens eyelashes. The say it contains moisturising substances and vitamins contained in the formula to take care of the condition, elasticity and shine of the lashes. Hypoallergenic, ophthalmologically tested.

mascara applicator

Overall Performance

It is a very nice mascara and does the job with regards to adding colour which, I always say, are one of my requirements for a mascara as I have long lashes already. It did add somewhat of a curl to my lashes which is great because my lashes are fairly straight. The product goes on well but can smudge a bit.

A tip from Gael  -If you smudge mascara anywhere on your face, wait for it to dry. Once dry, you can scratch it off with your finger or a qtip

The product stays on until you need to emove which is awesome because you don’t end up with a flaky mess.

A few years ago I used a NYX mascara(I can’t remember the name) that had fibres in that creates the look of longer lashes and my eyes didn’t react well to that. Unfortunately for me this one has the same effect and i think it may be for the same reason. My eyes are very sensitive to products – if i even apply my sunscreen too close it burns the whole day.


makeup no mascara
Before mascara
half mascara
Left side no mascara, Right side with mascara

I would recommend this product to anyone who needs a little more curl and colour to the eyes.

mascara from top
View from the top

This mascara was featured in our July #squadboxsa, to learn more about our  Squad Box offering click here

July Squad Box SA


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