Painted by Nena Press-on Nails|Review

2020 plunged us into plenty of new normals and press-on nails were one of them. Nail Techs were unable to trade and thus left us going back to work with horrendous looking nails. Luckily for us these ladies are super resourceful and reinvented and reimagined the humble press-on nails.

Nena from Painted by Nena sent over a set of glamorous press-on nails for me to try out. If you haven’t seen her work yet you can head over to her Instagram here

press-on nails

The first thing I needed to do was send through my nail measurements so that it could be custom-sized specifically for me. Once that is done you need to say what type of design you would like, this design screamed at me, and knowing that it would take me a while to figure out how to do it, I asked Nena to do this for me.

It took me a while to get mine as I was just being kept so busy, but I guess everything happens for a reason.

First impressions: They are extremely well packaged, labeling is beautiful, the packaging is durable and the nails itself are stuck down beautifully so that it doesn’t fall around in transit.


In the kit you also get the following items;

Buffer – to buff the surface of the nail to allow the nail to adhere better

File – to shape your natural nail

Cuticle Pusher – to push back cuticles

Alcohol wipes – to clean nail after filing and buffing

Glue – to stick nail down

Cuticle Oil – for cuticles and for removal

painted by nene press-on nails kit

I was very impressed with this set of nails. if there was ever a set of nails that spoke to my inner goddess it is this, it embodies every part of my personality, from the smoking lips to the elegant pearls, it is just everything. Nena’s art is always amazing and as usual, she did a stellar job with this set.  Unlike previous press-on nails I have tried, once stuck down these nails stay put, I have been wearing them for about a week now and they don’t seem to be going anywhere. The key to longevity is definitely prepping the natural nail bed well.

Press on nails is a great alternative for people who don’t like having their nails done and just need something they can keep in their arsenal for special occasions. Many people also don’t want to go to the nail salons at the moment so this is also a great alternative to that.

One thing that I would say would be great is a nail plate measuring tool, I think I measured my nails off without 1cm more and 1cm less on certain nails, so basically something that we can stick our finger in and then just adjust till we get to the correct measurement would be great.

Would I purchase a set like this in the future?  Most definitely, it’s a quick , no mess , no fuss solution to have pretty nails for any occasion.

Thank you so much to Nena for sending me this set of nails, they are really lovely.

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