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Hey Squad! With summer only hitting us now, I thought that this would be the best time to share this post. I have compiled a list of ways to protect your hair from the sun. Curl Protection has never been a topic that I have heard people talk about much, but since I have started doing some research,I realized that it’s a very important topic to discuss.

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Wear a hat or a silk/satin scarf to protect your hair. Wearing a hat/cap is also great for protecting your skin from the harsh UV rays(please always wear sunblock).

This cap can be purchased from Marley Grey Haircare and accessories – not only is it good for protection but it is hella cute as well, it is satin lined so is very gentle on your hair too

We asked Marley to share her number one tip for sun protection and she agrees with us; Marley Grey says to wear a hat or a covering of some sort or seal your hair with shea butter. It provide a bit of UV protection  



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Before swimming, seal your hair, to prevent as much of the chlorinated or salt water to be soaked up in your hair. Saturate your hair with tap water and then slather it with your favourite conditioner or oil to seal the cuticle. For extra protection, you can wear a swim cap. You should rinse the salt and chlorine water out of your hair as soon as possible so that it doesn’t dry it out.

The intrinsicurly me products are my go to products and can be purchased via their website. The packaging has changed so you will see a different image on the website



If you haven’t been doing weekly deep conditioning treatments, in the summertime it is very important to make sure that you are doing it now.  Not only is the sun taking the moisture from your hair but we indulge in more fizzy drinks and draanks and less water- which can also have a negative effect on our hair. So moisturise your hair and moisturise your body too. MOISTURISE INSIDE AND OUT.

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During the summer months, we tend to wash our hair more often. Co-wash will keep the scalp refreshed and hair clean while adding much-needed moisture back into the hair. It is also beneficial as sweaty hair can also cause hair to become matted and tangled.


Shea butter has a natural SPF of about 6 – 10, so incorporating it into your hair routine and coupled with the above will be beneficial to the health of your hair.Available from NatOrga on Facebook

Those are my top tips for curl protection from the sun. Hope you enjoyed it. Have you tried any of these before,let us know how you protect your curls from the summer sun.

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