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When COVID entered our world, so did the increase in use of hand sanitizers. Although I had been using hand sanitizers before it was really not a must have item in my list of hygiene products. For majority of the lock down, that is exactly what I did was lock-e-down, but when I went back to work it needed to be done. [stage direction] Enter the African Secret hand sanitizer…

hand sanitizer

The African secret hand sanitiser was featured in our August #SquadBoxSA, click here to read more about our squad box offering(upto R1000 worth of beauty products for only R400).This hand sanitiser is an antimicrobial, antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiseptic. It can be used to sanitize hands and surfaces, however I only used it for my hands as i try as far as possible not to sit down in public, just do what I must and get back home.

Unlike most of the other sanitizers(especially the ones they use at the stores) this  hand sanitizer is infused with the Lemon Tea tree plant extract (tea tree repels insects such as mosquitos) for added protection. the  citrus smell is so amazing and doesn’t make you smell like you just drank a whole bottle of oom tas all by yourself lol

Because it is such a fine mist, you can take an extra precaution and spray some of the sanitizer on your mask, it won’t leave it wet and it will smell good while you are wearing it.

As mentioned before this has now become a staple in my handbag and I don’t think that will ever change, it’s also a great size(50ml) to keep in your vehicle or send to pop in your kids’ school bag.

african secret hand sanitizer



Will I purchase this product again? You bet ya, in fact… I already have, at the price of R50 who can say no? I wish that it would come in a bigger size so that it can become our go to surface sanitizer at home as well(I’m currently using a mixture of bleach and water for this)

Have you found a hand sanitizer that you simply can’t do without ?

African Secret is one of our Proudly South African brands that we love to feature here on our website, although the product was sponsored to us, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Read our previous African Secret product review here

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