Is Rice Water really a miracle hair tonic?

Hey Squad! This is my final post about rice water. If you have any further questions be sure to pop them below and if there is enough questions, I will be happy to do another post with reader questions 🙂

Rice Water

Overall I love the rice water.

Mostly I love it as a protein treatment. Although there was some growth, it was maybe only about 3cm more than it would have grown if it were left to grow on its own.

My hair is definitely more stronger and healthier though, which is also normal with regular protein and deep conditioning treatments and trims.

I prefer the method where I first apply the rice water to my hair and then wash, condition and style. As discussed in my first test click here to read that post.

Rice water treatment front view

Would I say it’s a miracle hair growth tonic, I wouldn’t . I’ve seen people use it everyday and see great results but one application per month is more than enough, my hair is not fond of too much protein and I definitely don’t want to end up having protein overload for the sake of growth. My goal with being natural is to have strong,healthy hair,.Length, is a bonus and definitely not even part of my list of hair goals.

Rice water is even great for skin and works great for those that suffer from dermatitits.

I will absolutely continue using Rice water as a protein treatment as the benefits are still fantastic and whats great is that you can find it in your kitchen cupboard.

If you aren’t sure if your hair needs protein or moisture added into the routine or you are simply transitioning, I can recommend the Intrinsicurly Me( click here to receive 10% off your first purchase) range that is a perfect blend of protein and moisture.

Are you curious about any DIY hair tips but, don’t want to try it out yourself? Send it to me and I can test it out for you.

Hope you guys enjoyed this series

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