Rice Water Treatment: Round 1, visible hair growth in under 2 weeks, can this be true?

The past few weeks the rice water treatment/rinse has been doing the rounds on social media. I have been very vocal when it comes to the fact that nothing can make your hair grow, except strong healthy hair.

You will often hear people say that their hair doesn’t grow fast or their hair isn’t growing at all, but that is simply not true. Hair generally grows about 1-1.5cm per month regardless of health or hair type. Due to damage to our hair it tends to break off or split and then we have to cut more off regularly and thus we don’t get to see any growth. Your hair can be damaged in many different ways eg;

  • Heat Damage (excessive heat from hairdryers or flat irons)
  • Chemical Damage( straightener,relaxers and hair dyes)
  • Products with harsh ingredients

So, this brings me back to what I believe, if you are using good quality products with gentle ingredients, limiting heat exposure and chemical treatments/hair dyes, your hair will be healthy and strong therefore it wont be breaking and then you will actually be seeing the growth.

As you guys know I did a big chop last year October and immediately started using my Intrinsicurly me products.I then had a trim in January, I noticed that I then needed to add some protein to my hair routine and thoughts what better time to usher in this rice treatment than when my hair needs protein the most.


There are many different ways to make this rice water treatment all of which I will be trying in my next for experiments.

For this round however, all I did was take the left over water from the pot when straining the rice after I cooked it, put it in a jar and then placed it in a dark cupboard for about 30 mins.


I used my rice water as a treatment/pre-poo, so I applied it to my hair and then covered it with plastic and then a towel to generate some heat so that it can soak into the cuticle very well. I left it on for about 25 min and then rinsed it out.I then continued with my normal routine of cleanse, conditioner and curl creme.

Here are some pics of before:

before rice water treatment


When I rinsed off the rice water treatment, my hair immediately clumped!This got me super excited because that means stunning spirals. My curls super defined but my hair was a bit crunchy for the first day or two, it could mean that it was a bit too much protein for my hair and that I would need to dilute it a bit more for future treatments. I will however only dilute it once I am done with my testing.

My first wash day after, the shedding of my hair was also significantly less than usual.

Rice Water Treatment: Immediate results



So, I have to admit. I was super impressed with the results. I still don’t believe that anything can make your hair grow but daaaaamn, it definitely grew just under 2 cm in under 2 weeks… here are some sides by sides from before I did it and 10 days later.

rice water treatment before and after wer










You can see that the curl is much more defined and hair is longer





Rice Water Treatment side view









Hair is curlier and more voluminous


The shape/style it was cut in is also more visible too


I’m very happy with the results of this treatment. It’s the first time I have done a protein treatment on my natural journey, so I am not able to compare it to a store bought treatment. Which protein treatment do you use? It’s budget friendly because you can find it in your kitchen cupboard or pantry.

I noticed that my hair seems to be protein sensitive so I will be doing the treatment once per month only.My next round I will do round about the 6th of April.

If there is anything more you would like to know, please let me know in the comments and I will try to answer them in my next post.


Until Next Time

Peace and Love


11 thoughts on “Rice Water Treatment: Round 1, visible hair growth in under 2 weeks, can this be true?”

  1. The last time I saw you before lockdown I couldn’t stop looking at your beautiful curls and how amazing your hair looked. I haven’t tried it yet, but after reading your posts I can’t wait to try it!

    • Yay!I found the comment 🙂 Thank you so much for reading the post. Can’t wait to see your before and after photos

  2. Wow I love this progress. I actually know my sister uses this, but I just forget to save the rice water lol. I also cut in April, mostly to go back to natural curl and also get most of the straight hair off the Brazilian left behind.
    So do I spray the rice water on my dirty hair? Or shampoo 1st?

    • HI Love, thank you so much for reading.Each person has there own way that they do it but, I prefer to just saturate my hair in it and cover with cling wrap for about 20 mins, let it breathe for 10 minutes and then rinse it off and do my normal wash day routine

  3. Wow, thank you so much for sharing. I found this so helpful. So there is hope for my hair to grow back sooner. I used rice water today for the first time and am definitely going keep using it. Will take a photo to compare in a months time. Which Intrinsicurly me products do you use?


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