Things are heating up at Devacurl

About 3 days ago Ayesha Malik – Youtuber and DevaCurl enthusiast came out with a video warning all her followers and fans to get rid of DevaCurl immediately and apologised to those that purchased the products on her reccomendation. To check out her video click here 

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So for those of you that don’t know the brand, Devacurl is a hair care brand created by Lorraine Massey that specializes in the maintenance and styling of naturally curly hair. Lorraine is also the person responsible for commercialising The Curly Girl Method, which both Sham and I follow.

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To put this is in perspective the brand is a highly coveted,high-end hair care product, some would say it’s like the Fenty/Huda of the curly girl hair care industry. Although not readily available in our country we do have some resellers bringing it in.

Ayesha says she started realising her hair is damaged when she had multiple bad hair days, something she never experienced before, even though she has exclusively been using Devacurl for 6 years! She was also getting dandruff and itchy hair for the first time in her life.

She visited Shai Amiel – The Curl Doctor , he advised her to type the products into the app and that is when she discovered that the products were not ranked as safe.

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There is currently an on-going class action suit for people that have suffered with adverse effects to the product and Ayesha advises that you – “Save them. I believe there will be a testing phase for the class action lawsuit. You may be compensated for your hair loss and scalp issues,” she wrote in the comments section of the video.

In 2017 DevaCurl was purchased by Ares management  and then acquired by Henkel(they also own brands like  Schwazkopf(which co-incidently has a curly hair care range available in our stores now ). As is the trend when a big brand buys into/over a brand ,formulas change and the quality goes down.

 DevaCurl sent the Daily Dot the following statement when they reached out to them:

“We want everyone to have positive experiences with DevaCurl and we’re really sorry to hear these concerns. We take them seriously and want to provide reassurance about the quality and safety of our products. Information about our commitment to quality and ingredients is available here.”

What are your thoughts? Could it be reformulation , incorrect storage, just one batch gone wrong etc


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