September Squad Box SA

Hi Squad!  Today, we are unpacking our featured products from our September Squad Box SA! You can find more info on how Squad Box works and how to purchase yours here.  The September theme was oral hygiene so we featured quite a bit of Oral hygiene products 🙂

September Squad Box

Dentyl Dual Action mouthwash (alcohol-free)


This alcohol-free mouthwash has an advanced two phase formula to fight plaque and freshen breath for up to 12 hours. You shake to activate, then swirl it around in your mouth and rinse. It will lift bacteria and plaque from teeth and gums.


You can check out our post about this mouthwash here

Burt’s Bees Lip Balm

Spetember Squad Box Burt's BeesEnriched with 100% natural ingredients, this natural lip balm is formulated without parabens, phthalates, petrolatum or SLS.






Basix Foot Food 

September Squad Box Basix Foot FoodWith summer in full swing we need to take special care of our feet and with the Basix Foot Food + Peppermint Oil it will not only moisturise your heels, but also assist with retaining moisture. It will help improve circulation which will invigorate tired feet.

Basix Skin Repair Cream

Basix Skin Repair Cream XM + Macadamia Oil i is an all natural which is paraben free and a shea butter base. It is specifically designed to treat very dry and scaly symptoms caused by various skin conditions. september squad box Basix skin Repair Cream







Colgate Charcoal Toothbrush ,GUM Original white toothpaste and GUMSoft-Picks Advanced


Charcoal toothbrushes looks exactly like a regular toothbrushes, but there is one big difference.The bristles have charcoal built into them. When brushing your teeth with a charcoal toothbrush, the bacteria will get trapped in between the bristles instead of just pushing the bacteria around. Ensuring that you have a healthy mouth and fresh breath.

The GUM original toothpaste helps remove stains and prevent them from coming back without the damage to the tooth enamel. It contains fluoride to reinforce tooth enamel, as well as vitamins for healthier gums. It contains low-abrasive micro-silica to gently remove surface stains and a unique StainClear agent to help dissolve stains in hard-to-reach areas.

GUM Soft picks are the latest disposable dental picks with soft rubber bristles that remove plaque and debris whilst gently massaging and stimulating the gums.

september Squad Box Dentyl

For more info on oral health you can check out the ivo health website here.








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