Pink Cosmetics Cleansing Balm

Double cleansing with Pink Cosmetics cleansing balm : Makeup Melting Cleanser

A while back I asked Janet if she doesn’t have a cleansing balm without coconut oil, my skin can’t tolerate coconut oil, it breaks me out. As busy as she is running Pink Cosmetics she made me one without coconut in it…THANK YOU SO MUCH JANET!

Pink Cosmetics Cleansing Balm

Its like a soft butter. Janet warned me that it may not be as “hard” as her regular balm but I actually really prefer the soft consistency of it, the balm melts effortlessly at body temperature, even with our cold winter.

Cleansing Balm Consistency

I double cleanse every night, even when I’m not wearing makeup. The first cleanse it to breakdown my spf/make up and dissolve majority of the days pollution on my skin. Due to cleansing my face twice a day, I need a cleanser that’s not harsh, it needs to remove grime but not strip my face. If your face feels tight after cleansing, your cleanser is too harsh and it’s stripping your skin of its natural oils, this may compromise your skin barrier.

How to use the cleansing balm:

  • With clean dry hands, scoop out a tiny bit of balm and let it melt on your finger tips.cleansing balm swatch
  • Massage directly onto your face (while you still have your make up or spf on). Do this until everything has loosened up. Don’t forget the eye makeup, it won’t burn aren’t any harsh surfactants in this cleanser.

cleansing balm picking up grime

  • Dunk your hands into warm water and massage your face to see the the magic happen!The emulsifier turns the balm into a kinda creamy lotion. This is so cool…yes such things excite me!

cleansing balm creamy lotion after wet


  • Rinse with clean, tepid water then use a traditional facial cleanser as your second cleanse and you are done with the cleansing part of your routine.

The red marks on my hand is not make up, it is actually my birth mark 🙂





My very first cleansing balm was a hot mess! It was so temperamental. If I used too much or my hands or water wasn’t scolding hot it would not emulsify properly, my face looked like the cold grease after frying food?. The emulsifier in here dissolves the makeup/spf without leaving me with a fat layer on my face.

What are the ingredients?

Shea Butter
Castor Seed oil
Jojoba Oil
Rice Brain Oil
Candelilla Wax
Emulsifying Wax
Behenitromium Methosulphate
Polysorbate 80

I love that there’s no petroleum, mineral oil, fragrance, dyes or drying alcohols. I  would definitely suggest that Janet adds the coconut oil free melting cleanser to her skincare line. This proudly South African cleansing balm is definitely high up on my recommendation list!

This can be purchased direct from their website or you can get yours at our expo in october and save on courier fees ;). You can purchase your tickets here.





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