Nail Salon Etiquette: 10 things your nail tech wants you to know

Hey Squad!Many of us love being pampered a treated lekker and a trip to the nail salon is one of those luxuries.However their are a few things that can turn a awesome nail pampering session into an unpleasant experience. We reached out to some nail techs to share with us the top things they want you to know.

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Done By Our very own Shamiela Dout


  • Be sure to tell our nail tech the state of your nails eg. if you book a soak off and have started picking the product off your nail, let her know so she can allocate sufficient time for you
  • Know what you are booking – if you are booking a gel mani then don’t expect tips to be applied as that is not what you have booked.

    Get Nailed By Lush
    Done By Lusharno George-Get Nailed By Lush
  • Make sure you book what you need, if you book for an overlay, normallly, this does not include a soak off unless otherwise stated.Book a soak off as well.
  • Don’t cancel last minute. A nail salon requires clients in their chairs to make money and if you cancel last minute they aren’t able to slot in an other client. If you must cancel please do so timeously, don’t just not show up.

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    Done By Melanie Jacobs – Hadassah Nail and Beauty
  • Don’t bring your kids unless they are having a service done -the equipment in the salon is very expensive and you will be liable for payment
  • If you are having a pedi, please wear open shoes.
  • Don’t fiddle around on your cellphone or touch your nails while they are busy with your other hand.
  • No smoke breaks while,they are busy and try to use the toilet before the appointment starts.
Nail Art Boss
Done By Seleena Pillay – Nail Art Boss
  • When you book an appointment, you are booking for one person.Don’t come with extra people unless previously arranged
  • Pay before you leave,unless otherwise arranged
 Done By Vanessa van Aarde The Nail Bar

I would like to say a special thanks to the techs on the Nail Tech South Africa group your input is greatly appreciated.

What are the things you would like your nail tech to know?

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